At Wandsworth Prep the aim of the Computing department is to ensure that all the pupils have the ability to use IT tools and information sources effectively in order to analyse, process and present information.

In the Computing Curriculum pupils are introduced to a wide range of uses for IT. In discrete Computing lessons, children are introduced to graphics, presentation, animation, text and data handling, as well as simple programming and simulations.

Rather than the traditional computer suite style teaching for computing, the school boasts the use of Google Chromebooks and iPads for the use of all year groups. Chromebooks provide a gateway to everything a student needs in order to learn. Little things, like automatic updates, the ability to sign in to any device and have your profile available mean more time can be dedicated to studies instead of administration. Some of the most useful classroom tools for the Chromebooks include the G Suite for Education which is a useful tool designed to let teachers and pupils work together while learning; and Chromecast where you can share the screen of your Chromebook onto an interactive whiteboard or touchscreen fully wirelessly. Pupils can easily show the entire class what they are working on which enables interactive education and collaboration.

The use of iPads and Chromebooks in the classroom also allows for regular use in cross-curricular subjects.

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