Upper School

Upper School at Wandsworth Prep maintains the perfect balance of academic excellence, creative learning and pastoral care.

In Years 3 to 6, we sustain our emphasis on breadth and balance, ensuring that children enjoy their learning, whilst being mindful of the necessity to prepare them for the important senior school entrance exams they take in Year 6.

In Upper School children have subject specialists for Maths, English and Science as well as continuing to have specialist teachers in music, drama, French, Spanish, P.E. and Forest School.

Increased independence is given to children in Upper School as children move between the different subject rooms, a structure that reinforces the transition to secondary school.

Through the embedded use of learning partners, pupils develop positive communication techniques such as open-ended questioning, active listening and debate. Such collaboration fosters creative problem solving, critical thinking skills and confidence in expressing their own ideas.

Our team of dedicated specialist teachers work closely with both pupils and parents to give them the tools they need for their 11+ journey. One of the many benefits of our smaller class sizes is the personal attention lavished on each child in order for them to be wholly prepared for their transition to secondary school. One to one teacher pupil conferencing is the cornerstone of our approach to 11+ preparation.

The preparation towards 11+ is gradual and supportive. We believe that non-stop cramming has a negative influence on learning and instead, have created a balanced programme where children are taught the ability to use and apply knowledge and exposed to a range of exam techniques.

Alongside academic rigour, we continue to value and champion a creative curriculum inspired through active learning where children take ownership and continue to develop a lasting love of learning and strong study habits.

Our unique model of project learning continues in Upper School, providing a myriad of opportunities for children to explore the world around them, embrace curiosity, pose questions and develop as independent thinkers. Based on National Curriculum objectives, children are presented with both real life and fictional stimuli as they follow their learning journey towards measurable goals. Every project gives children a chance to learn a range of skills, applicable to all subjects, which they will use in later life.

The development of school values coupled with a growth mindset fosters a love of learning and helps develop happy young people who have the confidence and learning skills to cope with the demands of whichever senior school they move on to.

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