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A Day for Peace

24th March 2022

A Day for Peace

A Day for Peace

Educating the children about the strength of kindness is one of the cornerstones of life at Wandsworth Prep. Not only is it one of our core WPS Values, but it resonates through everything we do.

When Charlie and Libby asked the school to consider holding an event in support of the refugee situation caused by the conflict in Ukraine, we were of course only too happy to support them in organising a Blue and Yellow day to help raise money.

As the children wore blue and yellow colours to school, teachers delivered lessons and activities that enabled the children to reflect on and learn about the humanitarian side of conflict, in Ukraine but all around the world. Literature was used throughout the day to share stories of refugees around the world and messages of support were written by the children.

Miss Rosanna and Miss Maria, whose father was Ukrainian, also kindly brought in some family objects to share with the children to give an insight into the Ukrainian home and culture.

Libby was a little taken aback by the great response: “I was proud of Charlie and I for actually being able to make this happen, but also proud of all my schoolmates for raising such an amazing amount of money.”

Charlie was impressed with all the effort he saw around school: “Seeing everyone in blue and yellow colours and seeing all the effort everyone put into their work and their kindness in supporting our cause was fantastic.”