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A New Challenge

14th November 2018 | Sport

A New Challenge

This half term, we have continued working on our football skills and tactics as well as introducing a second sport: strength and conditioning.

The aim of our strength and conditioning sessions is to expand the children’s knowledge on the muscles which they are using as well as developing skills that they use during different sports. We started our strength and conditioning challenge by giving everyone a taster of six different skills. We put together six stations for everyone to try, taking it in turns to try something new and learn a new skill. The stations focused on strength, power, balance, endurance, speed and agility. 

We aim to focus on each skill individually over time, in order to improve and develop each skill set in greater depth. Our first focus was on agility and we gave the children more stations based specifically around agility. The children did really well and we look forward to continuing with our strength and conditioning over the term. 

In football, we started our first session back by showcasing the skills we had previously learnt in a football tournament. Each year group split into teams and played as many other teams as possible in a competitive match. We also worked on our dribbling skills by venturing around ‘skill city’; an area filled with obstacles for the children to dribble around by keeping the ball as close as possible. Some fantastic skills were on display and many came close to mastering 'skill city'.  

Just before the half term break, Wandsworth pupils participated in a charity cross country event. The whole school took part in running as far as they could for an hour in order to raise money for the school's chosen charity, The Squad. A huge well done to everyone for a fantastic effort and raising money for The Squad.