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An Alien crash landed in our playground!

31st December 2021

An Alien crash landed in our playground!

September started off with an unusual event… an alien crash landed in our playground! All term, Year 2 has been figuring out the big questions of what, why, how, where and when? They have been researching, analysing and learning about space, astronauts, rockets and our solar system and published their research using their typing, editing and digital skills with finished results presented at our own WPS Space camp exhibition.

Year 2 also broadcasted their research through a video using green screen, Imovie and other filming techniques. The Year 2 parents were invited to watch this and then were split into teams to build a new space rocket that would help this alien, Beegu, get back into space! It had a very specific design specification of fitting an astronaut (child!) into it as well as technical parts. What creations they were with engineers, architects, scientists and creative minds within our midst. Year 2 clearly communicated which parts of the rockets were important such as boosters, a payload system and were certain one would help Beegu get back into space.

After this it was time to see a short dramatisation of Beegu, the alien that had landed on our planet, retelling her story and through drama techniques we understood Year 2’s own retelling of the story. The mission by WPS Space camp was fully a success! Beegu was back into Space and Year 2 are well on their way to being NASA’s new space prodigies.