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Being Inspiring in the Holidays

17th January 2020

Being Inspiring in the Holidays

At Wandsworth Prep we are always looking to our values to remind us of our personal growth. We asked the children if they had been inspiring during the Christmas holidays, and found they had been very busy indeed!

Nathaniel  in Year 2 won a certificate for 2nd place in a skiing race and a tennis trophy too! Indy (Year 2) was awarded a golfing trophy for his hole in one, whilst Francesca was awarded a medal for her running race! Logan, (Year 2) set himself the challenge of making a wooden castle all by himself - and succeeded!

In Year 3, Ella, Amelia and Hollie told me all about their desire to give back at Christmas time, telling stories of giving toys and clothes to charities and orphanages and running charity lead races to raise money.

Brooklyn and Kaitlyn (Year 4 and 5) also ran a charity Santa fun run!

It's so lovely to hear about all the inspiring things the children have been up to. Who has inspired you recently?