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Bellevue Update: Supporting Staff Development & Shared Practice

28th February 2014

Staff from schools across the Bellevue Education group have enjoyed gathering at Cluster Meetings this term. Group meetings have already taken place for Curriculum Leaders, Heads of Early Years, Heads of Pastoral Care and English co-ordinators, helping staff at each of the nine UK schools to share best practice in specific elements of teaching and learning. Polly Hazlewood, Reception Teacher/EYFS Coordinator at Wandsworth Prep, recently attended the Heads of Early Years meeting: “Working together with respective Heads of Early Years at Bellevue Education is a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and moderate the progress and achievement of pupils, not just within our own school environments, but with the Bellevue schools across the UK. This fosters not only the sharing of new and innovative teaching methodologies, but collaborative learning which is at the heart of what we do at Wandsworth Prep". Bridget Saul, Deputy Headteacher/Deputy EYFS Coordinator at Wandsworth Prep, who attended the Heads of Curriculum meeting, said "The group wide cluster meetings between the schools within Bellevue Education provide a fantastic opportunity for collaborative learning and the professional sharing of best practice". Group meetings will continue throughout the year, allowing Heads of Departments, Subject Leaders and School Office staff to maintain regular contact with one another and to discuss new teaching frameworks and assessment practices, and to share resources. Laura Collinson, Curriculum Co-ordinator, said “I am really excited that these meetings are up and running and the response has been very positive and encouraging. The purpose of the meetings is to develop networks between schools, allowing for improvement of different areas of provision. It has been a pleasure to have taken part in these meetings to see how positive, productive and beneficial the discussions have been and I am really looking forward to the next set of meetings after half term.”