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Book Fortnight

19th March 2020

Book Fortnight

WPS traditional whole school book fortnight was another triumph this year!  It’s an opportunity for the whole school to embark on a reading and writing project to inspire all children from Reception to Year 6.  We use drama and role play to create a whole school mission that the children must solve together to beat a common enemy.  

This year, our enemy was ‘The Director’ of The Arts Exhibition Council, who told the children that she had heard about our upcoming WPS Arts Exhibition and that our Arts Exhibition would be cancelled as, in her opinion, children would not meet the Council’s high artistic standards.  The children were outraged! The Director set many challenges over the two weeks: a whole school riddle hunt; a treasure hunt to find a painting and a book; a performance task to create a whole story in only 8 minutes; a writing task to merge two whole stories together and create and publish a new one; and a final treasure hunt to create a well known phrase.

Year 6 joined in the fun and stirred up the rebellion by plastering posters and petitions around the school and set up a trap to have the ‘Director’ arrested.  The Director was skillfully pulled into our trap and arrested in front of the whole school much to the cheering and delight of the children! 

This is what we do best at Wandsworth Prep - creating high quality learning experiences, with high academic outcomes in the most dramatic, inclusive and creative way.

We look forward to you seeing our photographs, published books and videos of our performances in our Art Exhibition in the Summer Term.