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Celebrating Black History Month

31st December 2021

Celebrating Black History Month

Celebrating Black History in school provides meaningful opportunities for all students to experience the rich traditions of Black people and recognise their contributions and achievements throughout our nation's history. This year, Wandsworth Prep celebrated Black History through a series of activities across our school that sparked interest and joy in students from Reception to Year 6.

We kicked off the week with an exhilarating experience for pupils and teachers alike with a traditional African dance workshop. As each student and teacher was taught a new piece of choreography, they discovered a whole world of history, tradition and culture - not just by passively listening or reading, but by actively participating!

“It was really fun to shake it out and find out about a different type of dance” - Year 4 student

Across the school the children were buzzing with new knowledge as teachers delved into the Black History of their current topics. Lower school explored the story Hidden Figures and the battle for equality in the workplace while Year 5 and 6 looked closely at the impact of black soldiers on WW1 and Year 3 and 4 learnt about the part that slavery played in early explores history. We were lucky enough to welcome guest speakers to our school including Dakota Mozagba who worked with children on understanding unconscious bias and the effect it can have on individuals.

“The variety of what we learnt was great, I liked learning about Black History in Project, P.S.H.E and even music!” - Year 5 student