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Change starts with us on Anti-Bullying Week

15th November 2019

Change starts with us on Anti-Bullying Week

This week at Wandsworth Prep we have been taking part in Anti Bullying week and have been thinking about the campaign for this year which is 'Change starts with us'.

We have been looking at the responsibility that we have to spread kindness and thinking about the things we can do to prevent bullying in the first place. Over the course of this week, we have taken on the role of Secret Angels where each child is given another child in the class and they have to do kind deeds for them. Also every class in the school has been given a Kindness book from 'The Kindness Movement' which children can write in if someone does something kind to them and then it is passed on to that person demonstrating how kindness can be easily spread.

During their Computing sessions, Middle School have worked at spreading the message even further by creating and publishing a Kindness poetry anthology. Please have a read at their wonderful and thoughtful creations!