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Concours Francovision de la Chanson 2022

26th May 2022

Concours Francovision de la Chanson 2022

Here at Wandsworth Prep, we believe it is important for our children to be given the opportunity to perform for others. With each performance, children can be transformed as their confidence and self belief grows. So we were delighted when the French teacher at the Webber International School invited us to take part in the Bellevue Francovision Song Contest.

Year 4 worked very hard practising and perfecting their rendition of ‘J’aime les Fruits’. They were extremely brave to perform in a foreign language and did so with considerable flair and aplomb! As with the Eurovision Song Contest, all participants voted to decide the winner. Wandsworth Prep didn’t hit the top spot this year, but, just like Britain's Sam Ryder, it’s possible to not come first yet still come out winning!

A big bravo to all the Year 4 singers and performers. A special ‘merci beaucoup’ must go to Mr Seb for being so encouraging and for allowing year 4 to have some extra practice time outside of their French lessons. The children enjoyed the experience and are already discussing how they can better their performance next year!