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Delicious Home Cooking at Wandsworth Prep

11th October 2012

Things have been heating up in the kitchen this term at Wandsworth Prep. As the temperature slowly begins to drop, the pupils in Reception and staff at Wandsworth Prep have been kept warm and energised through our fantastic home-cooked, high quality hot lunches which are prepared on site daily by our fantastic chef, Mr Abdell. Each day Mr Abdell busies himself in our kitchen preparing our lunches using locally sourced fresh products including fresh fruits, vegetables, organic meats and essential fibres which are important for a healthy diet. Even the bread is home made! Sitting in a family style setting, where both pupils and staff enjoy their lunches together, lunch time has become a wonderful social setting where we learn more about each other, the journey of the foods to our plate and the positive role that food can play in our lives and development. The menu rotates to ensure variety and features firm favourites such as homemade chicken and leek pie, lasagne and fresh garlic bread, homemade salmon fish cakes, biscuits and too many delicious cakes and puddings to mention; the food at Wandsworth Prep is something to talk about! Comments from the pupils have included: "Thank you for the dinner! I love the Fish Fingers. You're the best love from Maddox” "I look forward to eating salad" - Hattie "I like your desert and your cheese and carrots and everything" - Iman "Your food is very yummy and my favourite is pizza. But I love everything." - Laura This week the Reception children have been discussing Harvest and the importance of sharing with other people who are less fortunate than ourselves. Earlier in the term, pupils visited Neals Nursery on Heathfield Road and selected herbs and vegetables to plant in our garden. As a special treat the Reception children took part in a very special cooking lesson with Mr Abdell as they prepared a homemade butternut squash soup using seasonal herbs grown in our very own garden. The children have learnt about where our food comes from, the process the food goes through before finding its way into the shop and how to prepare it for eating. In response to this children have been making their own potions, setting up their own restaurants and designing menus in the home corner. Mr Abdell showed the pupils how to prepare the vegetables and the whole school got to enjoy his delicious soup at lunch.