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Eco Warriors at Wandsworth Prep

10th May 2013

This term our focus is all about the environment and how we all can make simple changes to make our planet a more sustainable place. In the coming weeks we look forward to developing roles of responsibility within the school for our children to take on eco warrior roles, exciting assemblies led by Brookwood, and our trip to the Western Riverside Recycling centre to learn more about what happens to our waste. Parents are encouraged to get involved in our environmental activities by signing up to help develop our outdoor area and also to work together with their children during our celebration of National Walk to School Week from 20th - 24th May and our first Car Free Day on 22nd May. During this exciting week we will be inviting our children to take Strider’s 5-Day Walking Challenge. These five days of activities encourage pupils to walk to school, cycle or scoot to school, every day during the week. This year we will focus on teaching children, parents and staff about the benefits of walking, with each day focusing on a different theme:
  • Monday – walking safety
  • Tuesday – exploring your local environment
  • Wednesday – health
  • Thursday – eco-friendly
  • Friday – fun
More information about National Walk to School Week can be found here. On Wednesday 5th June, Wandsworth Prep will celebrate World Environment Day. Supported by our catering team, The Brookwood Partnership, the children will take part in a variety of activities throughout the day to help them identify the small things we can all do in our daily lives to help make our planet a more sustainable place to live. It is our hope that these exciting activities will not only help to inspire our pupils to take up their roles of global citizens but also help them to understand that they all have the ability to make a lasting imprint on the world we live in. Our aim is to use these experiences with the support of Mrs Walker to help Wandsworth Prep work towards our Eco-Schools Green Flag award for our commitment to Sustainability.