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Eggsercising to raise money

12th May 2021

Eggsercising to raise money

What a success the Easter Eggsercise Challenge was over the holidays! By gaining sponsorship for walking, cycling, running or just being active and by tracking the distances, we have managed to raise a monumental amount of money for charity. The aim was for the children to go a minimum of 5k or 10km depending on their age. However, some went far beyond that distance. Well done to those who pushed as much as they could.

I never anticipated that together as a school we would be so generous. As the amounts continue to be tallied up, I can tell you that at the time of writing we have raised over an incredible £1500 for the London Air Ambulance. WOW! There are several sets of people who need to be thanked for raising this incredible amount.

Firstly, you, the parents. Thank you for sponsoring your children, and for asking family members to sponsor as well. Thank you also for being the ones taking the children out on walks, bike rides and everything in between to ensure their safety. Without you, this would not have been possible.

Secondly, the children, for being bundles of energy and wanting to do this. Hopefully they have learnt that this is not just about raising money and helping others, but also about staying fit and healthy.

Finally, to the incredible partnership between the school and the PTA. This would not have been successful without the military precision of Mr Alastair (and Miss Carla before him) and Mrs Gresty working together to make sure everything was ready from the off.

Overall, I am completely in awe of what we have managed to achieve as Team WPS and I hope that this can be a strong building block for the future.

Mr David