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Express Yourself - Mental Health Week

11th February 2022 | Extra Curricular

Express Yourself - Mental Health Week

It was Children’s Mental Health Week in the final week before half term. At Wandsworth Prep we embraced this as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people's mental health at home and at school and encouraged our pupils to ‘Express themselves!’

Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas through creativity. Across the school this was achieved through a great variety of activities including art, music, writing and poetry, dance and drama, photography and film and many more activities with a focus on making children feel good about themselves.

“We made cupcakes and decorated them to express ourselves. There were lots of colours!” Frida, Year 2.

While thinking of ways to support mental health in classrooms and across the school, we landed on the wonderful idea of ‘Dress to Express’ and on the Thursday of Mental Health week we all came to school dressed to impress with whatever outfit and hair styles we felt expressed how we feel and think about ourselves.

“Express yourself day was a great day because we all got to know our classmates’ personalities better!” Olive, Year 6 Wellbeing leader.