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Expressive Arts at Wandsworth Prep

22nd March 2013

At Wandsworth Prep, we believe that the expressive arts have an important role to play in the overall development of a child’s full potential and have an integral role to play in helping to explore and develop the unique talents and interests of our children. We feel passionately about the role expressive arts play within our broad and dynamic curriculum as the expressive arts help to develop and nurture our children’s capacity for creative thinking and imagining, problem solving, creative judgement and a host of other mental processes. The expressive arts at Wandsworth Prep School invite our children to be active participants in their world rather than mere observers of it. From Reception, the children at Wandsworth Prep are exposed to specialist teaching in music with Mr. Sean and art with Miss Emma, with plans to introduce LAMDA specialist teaching in drama with Ms. Helen from Year 1. Miss Emma, who joined us in January, has provided weekly 60 minute art sessions with our Reception class in our beautiful and sunny art studio. Through her specialist teaching , the children have experimented with lines, shape, charcoal and tie dye, they have imitated waves in the sea using fabric in order to inspire watercolour paintings, drawn portraits of each other and more recently discovered the intricacies of collage to convey shape and imagery. Miss Bridget, Deputy Head Academic and Curriculum, observed Miss Emma’s art lesson and comments that “Miss Emma’s specialist art teaching has not only provided our pupils with an engaging way to learn, but has also fostered the development of our children in being able to think independently through creativity.” See some of Reception's recent work below: