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Fantastic Opportunities for Extra-Curricular Provision

27th September 2013

A key development this year has been the expansion of our growing extra-curricular programme. It is our aim to ensure that the children are given maximum opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities both before, during and after the school day. The children and staff have loved our new W.P.Sing!, which offers a chance for the whole school to come together on Monday mornings to share our voices and start the week on a cheery note. We are thrilled to also have started the widely acclaimed ‘Activate’ programme,created by leading expert Val Sabin, which sees both our new Reception class and our Year 1 leaders working together each morning as part of our brain gym and teambuilding session. "Activate in the Classroom" was created and designed by Val Sabin to be easy to use, age specific, inclusive, progressively staged, repeated patterns of movement with music programmes. The activities are designed to help pupils become more agile, better balanced, better coordinated, better controlled and more precise in their movements. Pupils improve their listening attention and concentration capabilities as their neurological systems also become better, fitter and faster. This term has seen children take part in new clubs such as golf at Central London Golf Club and dance and LAMDA, with specialist teachers brought in to offer their expertise and experience. We are pleased to also be able to offer pupils the opportunity to take up 1:1 peripatetic music teaching in piano and to offer a morning breakfast club to parents run by staff at the school. As always, if you have an idea for a new club please do let us know as we are already planning our programme for the Spring Term.