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Flamenco fantástico y Olé

31st December 2021

Flamenco fantástico y Olé

After years of Spanish lessons in school, we wanted the children to have a full, immersive experience of Spanish culture to build on their already outstanding knowledge of the language. Our aim was to not only enable the children to take away a deeper understanding of Spanish culture but also to have the most fun possible, to increase their engagement and enthusiasm for the language and subject.

We started the day with an amazing photo booth so both the adults and children could start to get a feeling of what Spanish Day would be all about.

We had an assembly where we learnt about countries where Spanish is the main language and we learnt some sentences that we could use in a Spanish speaking country. We even got to see our teachers practising Spanish, as well as children from school and their families who speak Spanish at home.

The day continued with a lovely flamenco dance workshop where children learnt not only how to dance flamenco but also how to follow the rhythm of the music! What a fantastic experience!

“It’s been an incredible experience” said one Year 5 child about the dance workshop.

In addition, the children spent time in the ‘WPS Spanish Cafe’ placing their orders in Spanish and tasting some traditional Spanish pastries and chocolate drinks.

“These Spanish pastries are so good,” exclaimed a couple of children in Year 3.

The children practised speaking to each other in Spanish back in their classrooms and the teachers even got involved, too! They also listened to a Spanish story, read to them by one of our many native Spanish volunteers.

“Today is the best day of my life,” proclaimed a young learner from Year 2.

The icing on the cake was when Senor Abdel! cooked a delicious Spanish lunch for everyone!

Fantástico día y una experiencia inolvidable!