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Adventurous Afternoon in Forest School

28th March 2019 | Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

Adventurous Afternoon in Forest School

With the sun on their faces and the wind at their backs, Upper School headed out to Wimbledon Common for an adventurous afternoon in Forest School. The children invited their families to join and share in a fun-filled Forest School afternoon.

As the children trooped into the wood, they regaled their parents with stories they had written together. Tales of creation, fables from nature, myths and legends about the common itself, all full of intrigue and action and delivered with enthusiasm and energy.

Friends and families together, everyone picnicked on Dragon Hill. The view of the forest below was spectacular, the sky above was clear and blue. As the last of the treats were shared, the children camouflaged up and prepared to head back into the forest to build hideouts and shelters, from behind which they could do some wildlife spotting.

The children mesmerised their parents with knowledge of British wildlife, describing insects, birds and mammals alike. They observed hedgehogs and hawks, spiders and sparrows, just to name a few but made sure they crept out of the forest quietly to leave them in peace as they were found.

Fantastic learning was shared throughout the afternoon and the teamwork and collaboration on show was nothing short of inspiring. We hope all the parents enjoyed an adventurous afternoon in Forest School and even learnt something new.