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Formative Books

11th March 2021

Formative Books

It’s been books, books, books round here for the last few weeks so we asked some of the #WPS staff about their favourite books growing up.

Miss Carla said The Visitors Who Came To Stay by Annalena McAfee (Author), Illustrated by Anthony Browne. ‘I loved the hidden story within the main story and the illustrations which become more chaotic as the story unfolds.’

Mr Alastair said The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. 'Strange worlds inhabited by fantastical characters really fired my imagination at a young age and took me to another world.’

Miss Katie said The Toy Maker martin Waddell ‘I love books and this one really touched me. It is a beautiful story and I still have my original copy which I keep in school, so I can share it with the children.’

Miss Zola said Little Red Riding Hood by the Brothers Grimm. ‘I lived in the countryside and liked the presence of the woods in the story. She is also very kind as she looks after her grandma. I even dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood last week for WBD which proves it’s my favourite book.'

Mr Luke said The Best Word Book Ever by Richard Scarey, ‘I remember devouring these books. I loved learning all the words and matching them to the pictures. Little did I know I was expanding my vocabulary without even realising it!'

Miss Jo G, our English specialist, of course went for something much more highbrow - Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. ‘This is an important book for my family. My grandmother read it to my mother and she read it to me. I am actually named after Jo in the book and I named my own son after one of the characters as well!’