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Fortnightly PE Update

30th January 2020

Fortnightly PE Update

We have had a busy fixture schedule thus far with many more exciting upcoming sporting events this term and next. So far, our Middle School have done a great job in their Netball fixture and our Year 1's and 2's have excelled in their Football festival. Well done to everyone involved!

In Gymnastics, our core area of focus has been on balance, movement control and rolls for the lower year groups. Developing core stability has been of importance and an area we have also worked on. Our older year groups have been working on practicing and perfecting 6, 8 and 10 step routines and showcasing these to the rest of the class.

Our Middle School Tag-Rugby lessons have been focussed on positioning with defensive and attacking lines being practiced. Our aim is to provide a greater understanding of the rules and regulations of the game ahead of when we compete in Tag-Rugby fixtures. Our Year 1's have been recapping passing and catching techniques with an emphasis on backwards passing and forward movement.

Here's a video of what we've been up to.