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Gifted and talonted

29th January 2015

Hailing from the Sussex coast, I have always been somewhat intrigued by the plethora of items sold in gift shops to remind visitors of their stay. Whilst Brighton rock may not be to everyone’s taste, for decades, it has been the most popular gift item, and, I imagine, would secure one of the top spots should a national survey be undertaken to identify the most memorable seaside souvenir of all time. Surely, the iconic status that Brighton rock now enjoys cannot simply be attributed to chance; what led its creators to choose mint and pink? Delving deeper in to the thought processes that lie behind creating and selecting items that represent often memorable experiences is exactly what children in Reception and Year 1 have been aiming to do. Those visiting the bird reserve created by the children will be passionate about getting closer to the natural world. The visit will begin with the background behind which the reserve was created, presented by children in Year 1. As well as beautiful birds, visitors will be fascinated by seasonal plants and flowers and, if they are lucky, may glimpse graceful deer and their young, some of which are depicted by children in Reception. No experience will be the same, unique for each visit, leaving an indelible print on one’s mind. No visit, however, would be quite complete without its ‘ Brighton rock ‘.  The gift shop will be certain to offer that special something to conjure up intangible memories of your visit. I seem to have digressed. Children in Reception and Year 1 have been working together to ensure that they achieve the curriculum objective of understanding the value of particular coins and applied what they have learned to pricing the objects they have created in DT and Art to be displayed in a gift shop at a bird reserve. The literacy objective of imaginative story writing has been achieved through creating spoken and written presentations for inclusion in a bird reserve to inform visitors of its background and purpose. Bridget Saul Acting Headteacher