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Half Term Fixture Round Up and Results

23rd October 2021

Half Term Fixture Round Up and Results

Half Term Fixture Round Up and Results

There has been a buzz around the children of Key Stage Two this half term, which we have not heard for over a year. It started off as a low hum similar to that of a single bee, at the start of term, but has transformed into the sound of an entire hive. Fixtures have returned to WPS!

Fixtures not only offer a chance for children to test themselves against those in other schools but it does exactly what you have read above. It creates a buzz. Energy. Excitement. But that isn’t all. It builds everything that we are looking for in sport. Teamwork. Communication. Learning to win and lose graciously. Competition. That is why we do fixtures. Not to see how many goals we might score, but how we can improve in various aspects of what will eventually be life skills. Skills and experiences which children will need to rely on when they are older.

We have been fortunate enough to play two schools so far, Rosemead Prep and Weston Green, with some very tough, but competitive matches. Our Year 3 and 4 children kicked us off early on in September with football and netball against Rosemead. Whilst the boys came up against an opposing player who could have fitted in with a side similar to a Year 6 standard, they did not give up, constantly working hard to win the ball and find an equaliser. The girls showed a great amount of potential in their netball fixture, scoring plenty and working hard in defence. A fantastic start to the term had begun.

Our next set of fixtures against Weston Green, again was a hard fought encounter, with the Year 5 and 6 boys winning a tightly contested match 2-1 in the football and then a slightly easier second match 5-0. The girls began their term with a 6-6 draw, showing great teamwork and plenty of communication as a team; this squad shows plenty of potential for the future.

The fixtures continued against Weston Green in the lead up to half term, with mixed fortunes. The girls of Key Stage 2 suffered their first defeats of the term, and the boys, despite continuing to work hard, showing plenty of endeavour and energy, played 3 matches between them, winning one and losing two.

Despite these mixed results, the children have been a privilege to teach this half term and we are really seeing their development in their areas of sport. They must continue to remember that we learn more from a loss than we do from a win, and only by reflecting on our performances can we seek to improve, and reach a higher standard - such is the power of growth mindset that we emphasise every day.