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How We Work Together at Wandsworth Prep

17th Jan 2013

At Wandsworth Prep we take pride in equipping our pupils with the skills to grow from learners to leaders and seek to provide each child with enriching learning opportunities which are both meaningful and purposeful. Each Monday, pupils and staff from across the school meet together in a whole school council meeting to collaborate, brainstorm and discuss ways in which we all can support the development of the school. This term, our Reception children have been working towards contributing their own thoughts and ideas to the creation of a school code of conduct entitled, 'How We Work Together at Wandsworth Prep'. In PSHE with Miss Melissa, the children were given the opportunity to draw their own illustration to help them express their ideas on how we can create a positive learning environment at school. The responses were fantastic: Maddox was keen to describe how being helpful was a way to ensure that his teachers are able to get their work done. "If Mr Matt and Miss Polly were sad because they left my work upstairs in the Art Room, I could go upstairs and get it for them. Also, maybe if they wanted to go to the beach but the sand was frozen, I could help them to dig it up and make it soft again." Luella thought that we should work together by playing nicely together and making sure that we ask other people to join us. "We need to remember not to shout at one another and to say 'please' and 'thank-you' when we are playing together". Friendship and showing other people you care proved to be important to the children when considering the way we work together as the children recognised that it doesn't feel nice to feel sad, especially if it is because other people are not being nice to you. Annabel thought that if we tried to smile and share our belongings with each other, it would make for a happy place to learn. You can see the children’s illustrations here. Over the next week, the children and staff will share their ideas as we work together to create a school document that will help to shape and identify the expectations that are shared by the whole school community as we work towards meeting the ambitious aims and values of Wandsworth Prep School. Miss Polly, EYFS Coordinator, comments that "by giving pupils ownership over the direction of the development of the school code of conduct, we have provided pupils with the opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning and promotes both independence and collaborate thinking skills."

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