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Inspire. Ignite. Achieve.

29th April 2013

At Wandsworth Preparatory School, our aim is to inspire and challenge pupils to love learning through an innovative and creative curriculum. These are exciting times regarding our curriculum, as we plan forward into Key Stages 1 and 2. As we move forward, three words play important roles in this planning: Ignite. Inspire. Achieve. Inspire We continue to strive to provide opportunities for the children to partake in memorable learning experiences throughout their time with us, which inspire them to learn through enjoyment and understanding. We achieve this through our 'Creative Curriculum', which is a carefully planned, thematic approach to teaching and learning designed to support children's natural curiosity and stimulate their creativity. It offers children the opportunity to work in depth, giving them the time they need to reflect, consolidate and transfer their learning. Ignite Direct experience is placed at the centre of the curriculum so that teachers draw out and develop children's thinking and capacities in meaningful contexts, igniting in the children a passion for learning through exploration. Knowledge, skills and understanding are expressed in a range of different media and ways, often making effective use of the creative arts. Educational visits continue to be selected carefully to enhance children's experiences. Our Reception class visited the Natural History Museum and took part in a variety of learning activities which enhanced learning taking place in the classroom. They explored the mammals exhibition under the guise of specialist explorers and used their investigative skills to piece together information about pre-historic animals to the present day. Achieve Children at Wandsworth Prep School are exposed to a wide range of learning experiences which lead, in turn, to progress and achievement in all areas of the curriculum. In swimming, many children have acquired the necessary skills to achieve Stage 3 of the Amateur Swimming Association, the governing body of swimming in the United Kingdom. In Expressive Arts and Design, children have mastered the skills of creating imaginative collage and, at the end of the Spring Term, each child used the skills they had acquired to create Easter Bonnets worthy of a catwalk in Milan or Paris. Combined mathematical and reasoning skills were put to the test when children took part in an egg mobile race. Children were asked to design a vehicle that would carry an egg safely from one point to another, by means of either a zip wire or ramp. Children worked independently, using resources such as old bottles and lego bricks to produce their egg mobiles, which culminated in some innovative designs, which successfully carried eggs further than five metres without a scratch! Children, adults and parents work with each other, drawing resources from the school, locality and wider community to create a challenging, distinctive and exciting curriculum. It is though this rich variety of learning experiences that children achieve. We are now reviewing and adapting our themes and activities for September 2013 to add even more exciting opportunities for our children and their families to engage in learning.