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‘Inspiring Inspiration’: How We Are Implementing iPads for Learning

17th January 2014

This term, Wandsworth Prep has become one of the first schools in the area to launch a full 1:1 ipad learning platform across the school from Reception through to Year 6. Recognising the ever-increasing importance of digital technology in the lives of pupils worldwide, we aspire to provide our pupils with every advantage in preparation for their next stage of learning and the life that lies ahead of them. We believe that the foundation of such preparation is the ability to be a lifelong learner: to embrace and explore ideas both old and new; to consider the value of new ways of understanding the world; to seek better ways of knowing. This truth lies at the heart of our teaching, which provides a curriculum that is meaningful, purposeful and creative. We are passionate in our belief that our pupils need to learn how to create and maintain an appropriate digital identity and communicate successfully in the digital world. A combination of new and familiar knowledge and ideas lays a strong foundation for learning that moves forward and embraces the one certainty of our world: uncertainty. Among the challenges of successful teaching is the requirement that we show our pupils how to embrace new ideas and new methods. The use of 1:1 digital technology in classroom is one way to help prepare our pupils for learning in an unpredictable future. We have designed a creative curriculum that allows children to develop skills for the 21st century. This curriculum is driven by our philosophy that learning is not just about gaining knowledge and acquiring facts - it’s being able to do something with those facts. This purposeful learning needs a strong investment in technology. That’s where the iPad comes in... ‘Inspiring Inspiration’ is the theme that we have embraced with the launch of our exciting iPad initiative, and we are certain that the use of iPads in our classrooms will provide an exceptional learning experience in the classroom for our pupils. As part of this initiative, Miss Melissa is thrilled to have been invited to attend the Apple Education Leadership Summit 2014 on 21st January. “At Wandsworth Prep, we are committed to using technology to improve children’s learning and progress. This invitation provides us with a special opportunity to see inspiration at work and hear from educational leaders who have embraced the transformational power of the iPad to turn their vision into reality. It also enabled us to meet teachers and students and experience the endless learning possibilities of powerful creative tools, interactive books and a whole universe of apps and content. I very much look forward to being able to share my experience at the summit with the wider school community.”