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Kindness in Reception

18th June 2020

Kindness in Reception

This week we have been focusing on kindness in reception. We have read the story 'Kindness' and explore the different ways that we can show kindness to others.

The story led us to explore our similarities and differences in class. We decided to choose two children out of a hat and compare their similarities and differences. We decided that there are lots of things different about each of us but that our bodies were pretty much the same. The children said, "We're all human that's why we are the same".

In class the children chose to use the large floor mat to plot where we all come from around the world - some of the children talked about the differences in our countries such as using chopsticks and others told us of the crazy animals that you don't see in England. It's been a busy week but we have had such a good time together!