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Year 5 / 6 Residential

27th May 2021

Year 5 / 6 Residential

Extracts from the Day 2 diary sent to Year 5 and 6 parents from the residential to Norfolk. The children go away for a whole week and it is an excellent practical way of promoting all the WPS values in one trip - independence - yes! fearlessness - yes! kindness - yes! positivity - yes!  inspiration - yes! collaboration - yes! resilience - yes yes yes! Watch the video to see one particular highlight, with many more to be told on their return. 

Day 2 in the Big Brother house!

Despite some early risers (5am!! 😲) it was a really good night. 

Now let’s get to the most important part of any residential - food! Without doubt one of the stars of the show so far! With all dietary requirements being brilliantly met, I honestly think some children might just be tempted to choose the dining room as their favourite part of the centre! 🤤

Activities today have included:

  • Awesome team games with ultimate frisbee, kwik cricket and dodgeball 
  • A brilliant scavenger hunt around the site, solving trivia questions and puzzles
  • High ropes - undoubtedly a real ‘high’light of the trip! 😶
  • Wild West rifle shooting 
  • The old classic climbing session - never to be missed off any activity list and always a hit
  • A whacky quiz which had us all in stitches!

We’re loving our instructors, keeping the kids excitement levels high and making things so much fun! They’ve challenged us and supported us and have been fantastic today.

We’ve also had some free time with reading, card games, chillaxing, as well as some football of course. We’ve also had time for showers and a room inspection today, which was passed with flying colours by the girls 🥳 and well... some tidying was rumoured to have been seen from the boys, apparently, I’ve been told!

Lots more dry land fun tomorrow, of which l predict the obstacle course might be a big winner!

Sleep tight everyone! xx

Mr Alastair, Miss Katie, Miss Jo G and Miss Bronte