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Year 3 / 4 Residential

27th May 2021

Year 3 / 4 Residential

We thought we would share the letter on Seesaw that went to all our Year 3 and 4 parents detailing the activities and excitement from day 1 of the PGL residential. These children are going to be coming home bursting with tales of derring-do (and probably in need of a good wash and a lot of sleep!)

Good morning Year 3 and 4 Parents,

Wow! What a fantastic first day we had yesterday!

We arrived at Windmill Hill in record time (fingers crossed the roads are as clear coming back!) and only 397 “are we there yets?”

Upon arrival, we relaxed on the grass next to our lodges and devoured our lunches, fuelling up for the busy day ahead. All children were then VERY excited to be shown their rooms, choosing their bed and unpacking. Room inspection scores were at an all time high with well made beds and clothes organised into storage units. These organised rooms lasted about an hour, ha!

Our first activity was the zip wire! Children faced their fears and made the leap of faith before zooming 100m through the sky. It was wonderful seeing our children support and encourage each other.

The second afternoon activity was raft building. Conditions were challenging, with sporadic downpours, but this didn’t stop them learning how to tie figure 8 knots and secure the barrels together for their rafts. We then had many hilarious moments testing our rafts with children falling in the water! However, it was great to see them help each other back onto dry land. The chilly walk back to the lodges made the hot showers feel even better and then we all had time to relax in our rooms playing games before dinner.

In the evening, we had a hot dinner together followed by Wacky Races in the sports hall (a wise tactic to tire them out before bed time!). These races were hilarious and had everyone in fits of laughter late into the evening.

As we came back to our lodges, all children had some down time in their rooms getting ready for bed and playing quiet games. We then had lights out, a few bed time stories and all to sleep... eventually!

After an early start this morning, we’ve just had a delicious hot breakfast and we’re all set for a day of activities including Trapeze and Giant Swing! We’ve also got our visit to the tuck shop and songs round the campfire tonight!

Blues skies, warm sunshine and a bunch of happy children here. P....G...L!!!

Have a lovely day parents!

Mr Luke, Miss Sophie and Miss Jenny