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Discovering the Importance of Trees in Forest School

1st Mar 2019

Discovering the Importance of Trees in Forest School

In Forest School, Reception and Year 1 have been learning about trees and the children have been creating their own floor trees with the debris that has fallen from trees. The creation of their own floor trees helps the children to discuss and understand the different parts of trees. This links to the science topic 'plants' for the children in Year 1 and for Reception, the children are growing their understanding of the world and our natural environment. 

The children also discussed together the importance of not taking things off trees, as living trees still need the things that are attached to them. The importance of not taking things off trees is that the trees still need these things to survive in order to catch sunlight for photosynthesis, use roots to draw out water etc. These are ideas the children will continue to learn about and expand on further up the school.

See some photos of the children creating their own floor trees here.

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