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Magic Maths Week

26th May 2022

Magic Maths Week

WPS Maths Week was a huge success, shining a light on Maths and its importance in our school! Whether inspiring a generation of future mathematicians or encouraging and motivating those less confident with numbers, Maths Week at WPS had something for everyone.

Challenged every morning with a problem to solve, Maths Week focused on the hands-on investigative side of Maths. This was extended when The Happy Puzzle Company came into school to run workshops for all the year groups. The pupils worked in teams to solve an array of different puzzles. Needless to say it was a massive hit with children and teachers!

Parents were given the opportunity to join Maths lessons across the school, working side by side with their children, learning about how learning in Maths happens at WPS. Pupils got the chance to be teachers by instructing their parents in how to play Three In A Row. There was a school-wide competition to find the best players!

However, the highlight of the week had to be the Maths themed Dress Up day! Many a Maths t-shirt was seen including some with rather witty Maths puns and jokes, but the children who went above and beyond with domino, dice and calculator outfits really stood out