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Meet Caitlin van Ballekom, joining in September as Year 3 class teacher and teacher of PE

22nd June 2015

Meet Caitlin van Ballekom, joining in September as Year 3 class teacher and teacher of PE

Caitlin van Ballekorn at Wandsworth Prep School









What attracted you to the role at Wandsworth Prep?

I spent a day supply teaching in Wandsworth Prep and was taken in by the warm atmosphere, the lovely children and the welcoming staff. Wandsworth Prep is a school that invites creativity, an engaging and exciting curriculum and a place that fosters the individual. Children are at the heart of this school and quality teaching and learning take place in every classroom, both indoors and out. I love the way children are encouraged to think, discover, observe and are immersed fully in what they are learning. It reminded me of my time teaching in New Zealand and felt like home!

What skills and experience can you bring to Wandsworth Prep?

I have taught for nearly six years in Wellington, New Zealand, ranging from Year 1 to Year 6. I have a passion for teaching and learning and strive to bring this enthusiasm and excitement to my pupils. I love people! I always go the extra mile for my pupils and colleagues and put 100% into all I do. I enjoy working with digital technology to enhance learning and am a keen user of Apple products. I have led PE and Sport for the past three years and am looking forward to taking on this challenge again. This is another one of my passions - I love being healthy and playing a range of sport.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

When I left High School I really couldn't see myself doing anything else - in fact looking through my writing books as a young child starting school, wanting to become a teacher was a topic I wrote about often! I love working with people, children and adults alike. Every day is different, exciting, challenging and fun.

What’s the best thing about being a teacher?

When children 'click'! I love watching children grow and develop into inquiring people with their own opinions, passion and ideas.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

 haven't been in the UK long, so most of my spare time is currently spent getting lost on the tubes, exploring London, catching up with friends for copious amounts of coffee and planning trips to Europe. I'll be running the Stockholm half marathon in September so I really need to spend a little more time running and little less time coffee-drinking.