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Meet the WPS News Team

15th January 2020

Meet the WPS News Team

Who are we and what do we do?

Here at Wandsworth Prep, we have our own pupil newspaper that comes out every half-term.  It is written by the Year 6 WPS News Team: Amara, Amaya, Stan, Karys, Archie and Clo.

At WPS News we write and make the newspaper for Wandsworth Prep pupils from Reception up to Year 6.  We try and include relevant articles about things happening in the news or what pupils can do in their spare time that does not include activities with electronics which will reduce screen time at home.  The newspaper is suitable for 4 year olds all the way up to 11 year olds.  

Each half-termly edition has a main relevant  feature such as Remembrance Day, Halloween or Christmas and our newest edition will be the Radio 2 500 Word story writing competition that Upper School enter.

We now include regular features that the pupils can look forward to each time:  WPS Interview of the Week, Hobby of the Week, Photos of the Week, The Review Page (where Stan reviews anything of interest like a film or book or video game), The Guiness Book of Records and Jokes and Puzzles.

Our WPS News Team meet every Wednesday lunchtime where everyone is responsible for completing a feature; if it isn’t finished at school, we use our google drive accounts and can write at home and submit it to our WPS News Folder with the click of a button.

What do the pupils say?

“It has interesting facts in it” Sidney and William

“It is a tiny bit funny” Holly

“I like the jokes and puzzles” Alfie

“The WPS News has very reliable information”  Kitty

“I like the fun games, activities and facts” Bea 

“The School Council information in the WPS News was very informative” Edward 

So why do we give up our spare time to do it?

“I like seeing the joy of people when they read it!” Amara

“It’s like a hobby and more of an enjoyable thing than work” Karys

“I like making it funny and watching the pupils laugh at it and researching new facts” Amaya  

“I like making my own things - it’s fun and you can put your opinions in” Archie

“I like seeing the enjoyment children get from my drawings” Clo

“I like writing WPS News because it will help other people understand what’s going on in the world.  I try and make it informative but easy to understand so that everyone can follow it, from Reception to Year 6.“ Stan