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Nationals - here we come!

11th February 2022 | Sport

Nationals - here we come!

Sport is widely documented as helping children (and adults) discover more about themselves. It teaches them so much about life and their development. In sport, just as in life, we have times when we are winning and times when we are losing, or highs and lows. Sport helps us all learn how to deal with these experiences at a young age which further in turn helps us when we are older.

Fixtures help the children with this in more ways than one. It teaches them communication, teamwork, commitment and perseverance, as well as how to control their emotions under pressure.

The fixtures this term have really helped prove to the children that they can compete in a variety of sports and at different levels as we entered the ISA regional netball and football tournaments for the first time!

We are especially proud of our U11s boys football team who went above and beyond expectation to qualify for the National Finals to be held next month at St George’s Park! This is a historical first for Wandsworth Prep and something which a school as small as ours only ever dreamt of experiencing. The hard work, dedication and resilience is really beginning to pay off!

These experiences are essential for the pupils to support their development, especially those younger children who can now set their sights on emulating and surpassing our current crop.

We have also played a range of hockey and netball fixtures against Newton Prep, Rosemead and Prospect House, all with a huge amount of success across the year groups. It is great to see the children continuing to develop their skills and show that they are capable of playing against some of the larger schools in our region. Long may it continue!