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No Autographs Please… Reception and Year 1 Shine at Putney Arts Theatre!

31st December 2021

No Autographs Please… Reception and Year 1 Shine at Putney Arts Theatre!

Wow, what an unbelievable day we had on Thursday 2nd December. Reception and Year 1 performed ‘Born in a Barn’ at Putney Arts Theatre in front of their families. The experience allowed the children to develop their speaking and listening skills, fill them with confidence to be in front of an audience and gave them the opportunity to see behind the scenes of a theatre. We were also lucky enough to have support from Education64, who are based at Putney Arts Theatre, to add that bit of extra magic to our performance and help the children develop their drama skills too.

Our day started bright and early on live television with BBC Breakfast, discussing the importance of ensuring our wonderful performance went ahead. Some of our children were interviewed and everyone sang beautifully on camera. Miss Kate and Miss Bethan were so proud of the children and how they represented our school to the nation! In a swift turnaround, we bundled onto the coach and spent the morning at Putney Arts Theatre rehearsing ‘Born in a Barn’ with the addition of lighting and sound.

Finally, it was time to perform! After weeks of rehearsals, endless renditions of ‘Shh, Don’t Wake The Baby’ and a few costume tweaks later, we were show ready! The performance was incredible, there were very few dry eyes and Miss Jo even commented that it was ‘the best Nativity I’ve ever seen!’ - High praise indeed!

A huge well done to all of the children in Reception and Year 1 and a special thank you to Putney Arts Theatre and our parents who helped make it all possible!