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Our Book Fortnight

24th March 2022

Our Book Fortnight

Wandsworth Prep’s Chance to Save Earth

Each year, we celebrate reading through the Wandsworth Prep Book Fortnight. It is a fantastic opportunity to encourage children to read, whilst making links to other areas of the curriculum and improving our communication skills. Ultimately, we want the children to use and improve their reading skills, work collaboratively and create wonderfully written pieces of work as well.

This year, we based our Book Fortnight on a book by Oliver Jeffers called ‘Here We Are’, which is essentially a guide to living on Earth. The book inspired the premise of our Book Fortnight, which was all centred around the Planet Auditing Committee (or Pac for short)...

PAC visited our school to tell the children that they had been selected to try and save our planet! Led by the Chief Auditing Person (or CAP for short - and definitely not Mr Seb), the team of PAC-men and women explained that due to intergalactic budget cuts, one planet must be destroyed! The only way that Earth could be saved was through the children of Wandsworth Prep working collaboratively with a different class to make a pitch to PAC giving reasons why Earth should not be the planet destroyed.

The children worked superbly, with different classes coming together to create travel brochures, books about the perfect day on Earth and even a news broadcast, filmed on a green screen! Throughout the fortnight, CAP threw in some curveballs to distract and discourage the children, but the children prevailed, despite an attempt by Mr Mars (definitely not Mr Alastair) to bribe CAP. Thankfully, Earth and all the planets were saved, as it was decided that our WPS children could work with PAC on their budgeting skills and help redistribute funding to ensure the survival of all the planets.