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Our Commitment to Educational Visits

23rd November 2012

At Wandsworth Prep we believe that a child’s educational experience should be enhanced by trips and excursions which provide meaningful learning opportunities outside of the classroom. With the adoption of the creative curriculum throughout the key stages, it is anticipated that all year groups will experience at least two educational visits each term connected to the topic children are investigating, and including residential trips from Key Stage 2. As part of the topic, All about Me, the Reception children developed a keen interest in learning about how to keep themselves safe in the event of a fire. Capitalising on this line of interest, a visit to our local Wandsworth Fire Station was arranged. On Wednesday 14th November, our very excited Reception class were welcomed by the Fire Brigade and were given the chance to have a first hand look at the fire station. The children were allowed to explore the Fire engine, were taken on a tour of the control centre and were very interested in hearing about fire alarms and what to do in the event of the fire. They also were each given a fire workbook and enjoyed sharing these with parents upon their return. The highlight of the trip had to have been when one child in particular got excited about trying out the fire hose to the extent of soaking our wonderful teaching assistant Mr Matt! In telling me about her exciting day, Martha said: “I loved visiting the fire station. The Fire trucks were bright and shiney and the firemen were really nice. I got Mr Matt all wet with the fire hose! ” Linking to our topic this term of Festivals and Let’s Pretend through the use of stories and traditional tales, the children took part in a full day excursion to the Dulwich Picture Gallery on Tuesday 20th November. The Reception children were given the opportunity to tour the gallery, stopping to look at and discuss paintings which related to feelings and emotion and how they can be conveyed through an image. The children created their own interpretation of the waves of the sea by using monoprint tools, and were excited to see their pieces displayed in the school. The children were excited to be joined by John, daddy to one of our children, who shared his thoughts about experiencing the trip to the gallery with our Reception class.”What a fantastic and enjoyable trip. It was great to see the children so engaged and inspired by their trip to the gallery. Well done to Miss Polly and Mr Matt who led the trip and are a fantastic team.