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Our New Mantle of the Expert Topic: Vikings

3rd February 2014

Our new Mantle of the Expert topic, Vikings, has begun with some wonderfully insightful and creative responses from the children in Reception and Year 1 as they embrace the roles of expert Living History Curators. Our topic began when the children received an exciting letter from Richard Heywood about the Viking Living Museum Project requesting their help as a responsible project team. Reading through the letter prompted a lot of discussion about the questions. The children referred to the projects that they had done before as they considered what might be required to create a living Viking Museum experience at Wandsworth Prep. Watch a presentation showing how the topic was introduced to the children: Read some of the children’s responses to their new topic: We could make Viking people but make them come alive. - Amara We might need to make a movie. Maybe we could be in the movie and act it out. Maybe we could make it 3D. - Sophie Maybe we could get sticks and and wood and make them move with the sticks. Yes, like puppets. - Rosie Have we forgotten bins? - Zak  Maybe we could make a costume and dress up. - Annabel I've been to a museum where you dress up. Yes maybe people could dress up. Sheena We could buy technic Lego and build it all up and the technic robot could move when you press a button - a robot to tell people what to do. Nicholas But if it's raining you might get cold and wet if you're stood outside telling people where to go. Martha Maybe we need some arrows to show people where to go. Luella Maybe people would be scared of a robot. Laura Next, the children found a 'For Rent' sign, which led them to begin thinking about how they could use space offered by the school for a museum and what they might need to do or create to highlight what the museum is to members of the public: Write a sign 'museum available for people to come in'. Rosie A map for directions. Sophie Viking information... A map. Calliope Maybe we could put a sign everywhere. Or maybe… Ben Maybe we could use some textures that are waterproof so the rain doesn't make it bad. Nicholas Maybe we could put pictures around. Sophie Maybe we could laminate it. Hattie Only the days that aren't raining. Charlie B I was think a good day like a week museum. Maybe Sunday because it's a family day. Maddox 10 to 8 at night. Annabel £2. Aavani £1. Laura £10 for adults. Ethan 6 9. Mia £50. Charlie C Maybe some inside then some outside and then we swap. Hattie A clock to show the time of day. Posters around the village. How will they know that we are here? Luella We could send them some or put them on a train. Maddox We could put it in a newspaper. Rosie We could put posters up. Open or closed sign. Charlie We could put a big letter at the top of Big Ben. Laura Maybe we could make a museum website. Like cbbies. Polly