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Pedal Power!

26th May 2022

Pedal Power!

Cycling Proficiency

Year 6 spent a week completing their cycling proficiency on the roads around the school. Being in London, it is important to know how to cycle safely on the roads and Year 6 were quick learners of the different rules. Two instructors, John and Alan, from the Richmond and Wandsworth Councils led the sessions each morning. The pupils brought in their bikes and helmets from home and started off understanding how to check their bikes were ready for riding. They were then taught the procedures for cycling on the roads and practised in the playground. They proved to be confident cyclists and keen to go onto the roads.

They headed off with John and Alan onto the surrounding roads to put their new knowledge and skills into practice. The class certainly got a lot of exercise that week as they were cycling for up to three hours in the mornings. Watching them on the roads, they were all trying hard to follow the instructions and prove that they knew how to stay safe.

At the end the pupils were given feedback cards from John and Alan telling them how they had done. They all passed and are now ready to ride on the roads. The class thought it was great fun and a really interesting experience.