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Peer Mediation Programme

6th March 2020 | Year 5, Year 6

Peer Mediation Programme

The Peer Mediation Programme was launched this week at WPS!

Working in collaboration with the Wandsworth Mediation Service, peer mediation has been rolled out across the school. In PSHCE lessons all the classes have been reflecting on what it means to be in conflict and how best to deal with those often difficult situations. 

To support the children across the school all Year 5 and 6 children took part in two half-day training sessions from professional mediators. The children spent time thinking about conflict itself, as well as being taught how to become mediators.

10 children from Year 5 and 6 have generously volunteered their time and have become the first crop of WPS Peer Mediators! Starting this week, they will be on the playground with Lower School and Middle School to help the younger children manage any small conflicts that may arise. 

We are sure Peer Mediation is going to have a positive effect at WPS and will encourage children to reflect on their behaviour and hopefully lead to self-mediation when conflicts spring up.

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