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Poetry Cafe 2019

16th October 2019

Poetry Cafe 2019

We were delighted to re-open our doors of this year's Wandsworth Prep Poetry Café to celebrate National Poetry Day on the theme of Truth.  Along with truth, came its obvious enemy…lies. 

The whole school enjoyed analysing poems around Truth and Lies so that we could be inspired to write our own.  Giving the children a performance space in which to share their poetry is extremely important so that their writing has a purpose and an audience.  Therefore, one classroom was transformed into a Poetry Jazz Café replete with chequered tablecloths, candles, jazz music and photography and pictures representing our theme of Truth and Lies.

Each class performed as a group or individually to the assembled invited family audience.  To encourage audience participation, each audience member was invited to write a statement that could be the truth or a lie!  There was great hilarity as the children voted with their TRUTH/LIE cards. We have found out all sorts of interesting trivia about our parents including one who REALLY DID have a pet giraffe in her garden!

To offer inspiring opportunities to the children, where their creativity and individuality is celebrated, is one of our highest priorities.  Many thanks to the families who got in touch to tell us how much they valued The Poetry Café tradition at Wandsworth Prep... long may it continue!