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Poetry Time

29th September 2020 | Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

Poetry Time

For the next 2 weeks at Wandsworth Prep it’s all about rhyme and rhythm, sonnets and stanzas.

As part of our celebrations we were incredibly lucky this week to welcome Tom Roberts, author of The Great Realisation to a virtual poetry session. When Tom found himself with no new film projects to work on and living back at his parent’s house with his young siblings, he decided to write a bedtime story about the pandemic. Set in the future with the virus long gone, it is a child friendly way of explaining and understanding the events we are experiencing around us in 2020. What started as way to pass the time has turned Tom into a published author and something of an internet sensation!

The whole school was certainly excited to meet him. Year 6 asked Tom how long it took him to write his poem and Year 1 wanted to know how exactly many words were in it (he didn’t know, but was going to count them straight away). Everyone was impressed with his enthusiasm for poetry and his love of English at school. Thank you Tom.

You can see Tom read his poem on Facebook here or his book, The Great Realisation is also in bookshops.

Look out in the next newsletter for a review of the Poetry Café, our yearly extravaganza of the spoken word.