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Pupils Strengthen Rugby, Gymnastic and Basketball Skills

1st March 2019 | Sport

Pupils Strengthen Rugby, Gymnastic and Basketball Skills

Children across the school have been taking part in a range of sports this week.

In Reception, the children have focused on ball control and developing their basketball skills. These fundamental skills help build a foundation skill set which each child can use and develop as they try different sports further up the school.

In Year 1, the children continued with tag Rugby. During this half of the Spring term, the children in school will continue to focus on developing their Rugby skills. The children will further develop their defensive skills and learn how to use quick feet in order to capture the offender. The children will also improve their communication skills through matches, so that the children can defend or attack together, working as a team. In particular, the children will continue to work on how to keep their defensive line and deny the other team space. 

Further up the school, the children focused on continuing to grow their gymnastic routines. The children have been performing routines as individuals or as a team in order to demonstrate what they have learned so far this term. The children performed floor exercises (forward rolls, backward rolls, shapes), body management (dish, arch, japana, core stability), on beams (travel in different ways, balance, jumping and landing position) and on the vault (approach the springboard, take off, perform a jumping shape, landing).

Each sport requires a different set of skills and it has been wonderful to see the children try techniques and activities they have not tried before. 

Watch a short video below of some of the sports the children have been involved in this week.