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Reception Have Been Busy in the Classroom

28th September 2012

  At school we have been very interested in imaginative role play. The children are creating lots of ‘family’ themes including going shopping and attending parties. They have loved dressing up and getting into character as well as painting a giant box and using it as their ‘castle’. In addition to this, they have been writing lots of shopping lists and invitations in the graphics area and posting them to one another. We have had a lot of fun learning about the body and what each part is used for. It has been very useful having our special ‘body book’ which has helped us to find out lots of information. The children have been very keen to read this independently as well as with the rest of the group. After reading about the brain we put our own to the test by playing a memory game - we had one minute to look at 10 items on a tray and then they were covered up and we had to try and remember what was there. We also decided that our outdoor area needed some colour so we visited the local garden center where we spent a long time looking at, touching and smelling all the different plants. Although it was difficult to choose, in the end we agreed that the lavender smelt the best and the long red grass looked very strange and interesting so we brought lots of pots we also brought some delicious herbs that we are looking forward to cook with later on in the term. Back at school we had great fun preparing the soil for planting and deciding where to put each plant. Each week we chose someone new to water the plants and that person wears a helper badge for the whole week.