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Science Fortnight

24th March 2022

Science Fortnight

Growing Elite Scientists

Our immersive annual Science fortnight aims to excite our students and spark an interest in Science that encourages them to discover its wonders through their own lives and ignite a passion we hope stays with them throughout their education and into adulthood.

This year, Year 5 challenged the school to become elite scientists through a competition from the Science Museum. Science fortnight began with a set of puzzles and clues received through the post which required the children to work together in order to solve and reveal our Science week theme and a special prize that was… ALIVE!

Luckily, we have learnt a lot about collaboration at WPS and we were able to prove our teamwork skills by solving the puzzles to reveal this year's theme - growth. All week the children learnt about different forms of growth in their lessons from the life cycle of a butterfly to how a healthy lifestyle can help us to grow to plant growth. Every child also spent the week nurturing a seed and watching it grow. There are no words that can describe the exciting gasps and hollers of excitement every time a child passed our caterpillar habitat (the special alive prize) in the hallway!

When our assembly finally came we were full of knowledge and excitement about growth from our lessons and we had cracked every code that the Science museum had thrown at us. We were ready for our final challenge!

Everything that we had learnt was building us up to become elite Scientists and of course this meant investigating and presenting our findings at the Science fair. Being clear communicators is an important strand of our school development plan this year and this experience gave us a wonderful opportunity to share all that we had learnt with the rest of the school and to experience growth in all its forms. Our hall was a buzz of conversation and learning.

What a wonderful, positive end to our Science fortnight and term!