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Science Museum Trip

24th March 2022

Science Museum Trip

Stupendous Science!

WOW! What a fantastic end to Science week. To consolidate our learning this term, we visited the Science Museum to see it all in action. Year 3 & 4 had an amazing opportunity to learn about energy, electricity, gravity and forces in the real world. The Science Museum captivated the children’s attention from the moment we arrived and until we left. The children were mesmerised by the big wheel, which was part of a steam train in the engineering hall.

Year 3 & 4 found out about the past and when the first engine was built and telecommunication which was used within WWII, the present and how we are always looking forward to what the future may look like for our planet. Guy commented on the interesting engineering that is being used in order to make this world more technologically advanced.

According to the children, the highlight of the day was moving around the different rooms and levels within the museum and writing down the answers to our questions “because you do not know what is coming next”. The children were so intrigued and fixated on the different aspects especially the Space section; Nathaniel was particularly enthralled by the rockets!