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Self Portraits

18th September 2020 | Year 1

Self Portraits

At the beginning of each school year, our children create a self-portrait to be displayed by their classroom. As they move through the school they create their portrait in a different style inspired by different artists.

We have been busily doing our self-portraits in the last few weeks using different methods to create our masterpieces.

Year 1 used coloured paper that they cut and tore into shapes of different facial features whereas Year 3 were inspired by Roy Litchenstein's colourful dot style.

Year 2 took inspiration from the Swiss artist Paul Klee for their portraits. They drew their faces using a guide for facial proportions and then used bleeding tissues and water to create their colourful final piece. Take a look at Year 2's self-portrait video here.

Year 4's were based on Andy Warhol's pop art style, Year 5 have taken inspiration from Kehinde Wiley, a Modern artist who did Barack Obama's presidential portrait, he focuses on colourful backgrounds and was the first black artist to paint a president. Year 6 also found their inspiration from another culture as they were inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

We think the portraits are marvellous works of art and look forward to having them displayed around the school.