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Sport at the Wandle

1st October 2020

Sport at the Wandle

The children are loving their new sporting home at the Wandle. The facilities are the perfect place to hone their drills and skills.

Mr David is delighted with their progress. "The past two weeks have seen the children develop their techniques which are now leading to more match play, where they can showcase the skills they have been working on. The children have shown great collaboration and determination in learning new positions and reacting to what the coaches are asking of them. Well done everyone!"

We also caught up with two of our Year 6 PE leaders Jack and Brooklyn to see what they are making of the new facilities.

“The new grounds are great because it means there is more space to play real netball. We know our positions and can work on our technique without interruption, now we don’t have dogs joining us and puncturing our balls!” Brooklyn

“It’s much better at the Wandle as the surface is really even and dry which helps improve the flow of our play. Scoring goals feels more exciting and it’s really helping our teamwork. Plus, no more mud!” Jack