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Sport Round Up: Athletics and Dodgeball

18th May 2018 | Sport

Sport Round Up: Athletics and Dodgeball


During the past two weeks in athletics, the children have been working extremely hard learning the techniques needed for field events (javelin, shot put, discus and long jump) and track events (100m and hurdles) which they will participate in on Sports Day.

For some children this is their first time learning and trying some of these events. Nevertheless, each child has demonstrated determination in getting the technique right through repetition.

The focus in cricket has been bowling, this includes keeping the arm straight as well as as adding in the run and the jump to gain momentum. Matches have been introduced to develop all children’s understanding of the point system and rules.

Competition report:

On Friday the 11th of May, two WPS dodgeball teams faced four other teams from two local schools to fight for the AMSA cup. With this being a fairly new sport to most, all the children adapted very quickly to the rules of the game. 

In the first two matches, WPS took their opponents by surprise and came away with two comfortable wins. However, the other two teams after that proved to be trickier opponents. Both teams had to dig deep and WPS eventually came away with a draw and a loss. 

After four hugely energetic performances, WPS began to show signs of fatigue but through predetermination and team work, both teams came away with four encouraging performances. 

This meant that it was all to play for in the last game of the competition. Every school that participated had worked hard and were determined to win the last game in order to take the AMSA Cup back to school. However, after a very nervy 5 minutes both WPS teams won, this meant that WPS would be crowned the new AMSA Cup winners!   

Despite playing a sport in which most had never played before, the children demonstrated fantastic perseverance as well as showing terrific sportsmanship by always respecting their opponents.