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Sport Round Up: Strength, Balance and Coordination

24th November 2017 | Sport

Sport Round Up: Strength, Balance and Coordination

For the past two weeks, during strength and conditioning sessions, the children have been working on strength, balance and coordination.

For balance and coordination, the main focus has been to improve movement control and stability. The children completed a series of tasks such as balancing on a flat spot with one foot and performing a different task, whilst keeping control of their body movement. 

When working on their strength, the aim has been to introduce the basic techniques of strength, without implementing heavy weights but instead using body weight and lightweight exercise equipment. The children used both their upper body and lower body, allowing them to see which parts of their bodies are stronger than others.

In Tag Rugby the children have worked on their passing technique and gaining an understanding of backward passing. Throughout this lesson the children looked at how to generate power in a pass, when to release the ball and what the ready position should look like. 

Match Report

On Friday 17th November, a group of determined pupils from Years 3 and 4 attended a 7-a-side Football tournament.

The Wandsworth Prep team were up against two other schools from the area. Eveline Day School attended the tournament with two teams and St Anselm’s Catholic Primary School also attended with a team. Our first game was against Eveline Day School. After two early goals, WPS managed to maintain the lead despite a late goal from the opposition. Rocco was standout in this game after showing good composure in front of goal. All team members exhibited great skill and dedication throughout our first match. 

The next game was very close and the atmosphere on the pitch was intense. It was a goalless first half but WPS were adamant that they would score in the second half. A stunning assist from Rocco to Harry, lead to a 1-0 win over St Anselm’s. Harry and Brooklyn both played an outstanding game.  

With one game to go, emotions were high, fatigue was starting to kick in but all teams members held onto their 'never give up' attitude. Our final group game ended up being a goalless draw despite many attempts on target and a gallant effort from all players. 

From two wins and a draw, WPS then progressed into the final. All players gave a tremendous amount of effort for the duration of the game. Dylan went down injured but was determined to continue to help his team. Chloe was immense in her defence for the whole game and gave it her all. The game was extremely close with no goals from either team until Eveline Day School managed to score in the final minute of extra time. Despite the end result of a 0-1 loss, WPS maintained great sportsmanship and dedication for the entire day. Each player represented the school in an excellent manner with their effort and commitment for all games in the tournament. 

Star Players: Harry and Brooklyn